Boost Takeaway Sales
at your restaurant
GetMeal is a takeout order system in restaurants and shops that increases the number of take-out orders and the average check.
How it works
With GetMeal, you can give your guests a convenient mobile application under your brand so that they can send orders in advance and not wait in line.

You will increase the number of repeat purchases, increase throughput during peak hours, reduce the outflow of those who do not want to wait, and accelerate turnover.
System Overview
Mobile applications with
your brand
for order and payment
Launch for your restaurant iPhone and Android applications with your logo and dishes that will create a unique shopping experience for your guests and stimulate the growth of repeat orders.
Order and payment from the site
Give guests the opportunity to place orders directly from your website, instead of sending them to third-party services where you are represented among competitors and are forced to give 15-30% commission on all orders.
Seller App
Stream your orders with the convenient app of the seller, which frees your staff from talking with customers and allows you to accept many more orders at the same time.
Manager panel
Manage your business remotely - get access to useful data about all orders, guests and staff. Get reports, analyze consumption and make decisions based on numbers using GetMeal's own manager dashboard.

The burger restaurant chain "ЁBURG" has increased the number of take-away orders due to the influx of motorists passing by.
What do you get with GetMeal
New opportunities to increase sales
Mobile orders
Upgrade your business with branded iPhone and Android applications. Ideal for ordering on the go.
Web and social network orders
Give your customers the opportunity to order directly from your website and Instagram page.

Order Acceptance Tools
Accept orders and payment in one click. Manage your menu on the fly using the Manager Panel
Useful customer data
Access useful data about your guests to make decisions based on numbers.
Promotion Tips
Get access to the best strategies and tools to increase online sales growth.
24/7/365 support
Get support any day of the week - our team is always in touch and ready to help.
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Develop and launch for free
Payment: 10% of the order
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