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How it works
Getmeal allows your customers to pre-order their dishes online and then collect them directly from the restaurant at a suitable time. Get custom-built iPhone and Android ordering apps that are branded to your business.
Product Overview
What you get with Getmeal
Branded Mobile Apps
Get custom-built iPhone and Android ordering apps that are branded to your business. Getmeal mobile apps showcase your logo and food, creating the ultimate brand experience from mobile, to web, to in-store.
Website Ordering
Give your customers the ability to order directly from your website, rather than routing them to a third party site that lists you among competitors (and takes a commission on all of your orders).
Getmeal POS
Streamline your operations with the easy-to-use Getmeal tablet that frees your staff from the phones and allows you to take an unlimited number of orders all at once.
Getmeal Dashboard
Take ownership of your to-go business with access to data from all of your orders, old and new. Pull reports, view top spenders, and customize your menu all from your own Getmeal management portal.
SuperHero Pizza App
"Using Getmeal has had a tremendous impact on our business. Our customers perceive online and mobile ordering to be very convenient and it makes our operations much more efficient. Getmeal also offers unmatched customization, control, and analysis tools at a very affordable price"
Getmeal powers ambitious
restaurateurs all over the world
What you get with Getmeal
Everything you need to simply manage your ordering system.
Branded Mobile Apps
Modernize your business with your very own iPhone and Android apps — perfect for customers on the go.
Online Ordering
Give hungry customers the ability to order directly from your restaurant's website, Facebook, and Google pages.
Management Tools
Accept orders and set ready times through your Tablet. Use your Dashboard to update your menu on the fly.
Customer Insights
Access valuable data for every order you receive and get to know your customers better than ever.
Marketing Services
Partner with a dedicated success manager to develop strategies that will drive more online and mobile orders.
Dedicated Support
Reach Support any day of the week, our team is on call and proactively monitoring orders as they come in.
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